Go to our registration page to create an account. It´s easy and only takes 2 minutes.

The creation form ask´s for 2 things from you, your e-mail and a password. Please fill out these fields, and hit "Try for free".

You will automatically be logged into the platform, and will be met by our onboarding wizard. The wizard will lead you safely into our platform with all the required info we need from you, to give you a great experience using our product.

Trin 1: Personal information

First step in our onboarding, are your personal details such as names, address, city, phone number and country.

When you have chosen a country, 2 more fields will come up.

You have the option to choose between English and Danish. The hole platform is translated, so that you easily can use all the features in your language.

You can choose between USD and DKK as your primary currency. The prices in the platform will be shown in this currency and you will also be paying for subscriptions in that currency.

Step 2: Account type

The second step, you have to choose which account type you wish to create. Personal or company.

If you select a personal account, we do not need any more information from you.

If you select a company account, we will also need your company name, and a valid business registration number.

You are now done with your registration, Excellent!

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