Contact list´s are the center of all your activities in the Mailforge platform. To create a new contact list, you need to click the menu "Lists" in the left side.

Then you click the top left corner on "Create list", which will open 2 step form, that needs to be completed.


List name: Name your list, so you easily can recognize it in the platform.

Description: Make a good description of the list, and its purpose.

From name: Default "from name" on your sent campaigns and e-mails.

From e-mail: Default "from e-mail" on your campaigns and e-mails.
Read more about "Sending domains".

Where did people Opt in for this list: This URL is used for the default return address on your forms, aswell as several back buttons around the platform. Please make sure the URL is correct.

Sender information

Person / Company / Org: Type in a name your recievers would recognize, so that they know who they recieved the e-mail from.

Adresse felter: Default address fields.

Remind how people ended up on your list:
Remind your contacts how they ended up on your contact list. This lowers the chance of your contacts reporting your e-mails as spam, because they have forgotten you.

Complete the creation of your contact list by clicking "Create" in the top right corner.

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