In order to create more fields on your contact list´s, you need to navigate to the list you wish to work on. Once your in the selected list, you need to click the "sub menu" "Fields".

In here you will be presented with your list´s current fields, and a set of columns described below.

Field label: Name and placeholder of your field, which will be shown in your forms.
Type: Input type of the field, which we base our validations and segmentation options on. You cannot change this field, its just for information.
Required?: This will decide if the field will be required to fill or not.
Visible?: This will decide if a field is visible in your forms or not. This would typically be used when you need some sort of custom data from your application, passed along to the platform.

Creating fields

In order to add new fields to your list, you have to click the "Add field" button in the bottom of the fields section.

You will be presented with with all the field types our platform supports. Choose the field you wish to add, and click on it.
The field is added with default settings, which you can change.

Remember to save your settings in the top right corner.

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