In order to create a segment on your contact list, you need to navigate to the list you wish to add the segment to, and choose "Segments" in the "sub menu".

Here you will find any previously added segments, and you can click the top right corner "New segment" to create a new segment.

You are now in the segmentation editor which gives you the oppertunity to create segments, and see the matching contacts during your work. Remember to give your segment a good title and description.

Creating a segment

Your primary work area is in the defining of segments area, which gives you some options to create the segment you want.

There is already added a segment group for you, that contains 1 condition for the e-mail field.

Let´s try out this condition, by selecting the type "Contains" in the 2. field (condition operator). Then write "hotmail" in the value field. This means, you only want to include contacts in your segment, that contains "hotmail" in their e-mail field.

If you already have contacts in your contact list, your most likely gonna see the first matching contacts showing up in the table below.

Segment group

Segment groups contains all the conditions you want to filter your contacts with. You can create more of these segments groups, by clicking the "Another segment" button.

By default, new segment groups is added as a "AND" condition. This means, that your contacts have to match both segment groups.

If you choose the "OR" condition for the segment group, then that means your contacts should match either one of them, and not necessarily both.


Conditions can be used to set up filtrering on fields and values. You can add as many of these as you want, by clicking the "Add condition" button inside the segment groups.

You can achieve some extremely well targeted segments by combining multiple conditions and segment groups, so that you can send more personalized campaigns which would result in higher conversions.

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