Hosted pages are the default landing pages for your lists. Hosted pages are unique to every list you have, and can be changed in both content and design in our easy editor.

Every hosted page, got it´s own purpose in the platform which is described below.

You will find out hosted pages editor under the menu "Lists". Then choose the list you want to edit.

You then click on the "Forms" sub-menu.

At the right side you will see the "Hosted pages" section, where you can select a list, and click "Edit". You can also switch between the pages within the editor itself.

How do i use the editor?


Which pages can i edit?

This page is the platform´s default form for subscriptions for your contact list. You can link directly to this form to get new subscriptions for your list´s.

Subscribe success
This page is shown if a subscription is submitted correctly. You can add important information for your new contact, or simply thank them for subscribing.

Confirm subscription
When a contact subscribes for your list, wether its trough normale forms or pop-up´s, they will recieve a confirmation e-mail, which sends them to this page. This is done to confirm a contacts e-mail address and to let their e-mail service provider know your e-mails are wanted, and not spam.

 All campaigns which are sent contains a unsubscribe link in the footer which is required by most spam laws. The link goes to this page, where the contact have to enter his e-mail and confirm his unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe success
Confirmation page for unsubscribing correctly.

All compaigns contains a link for your subscribers to edit their profile information, and to see which information you have on them.
Your contact can also update their profile here.

Profile success
This page is shown after a succesful save of the contact´s information.

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