To get started quickly with your marketing, you can choose to import your contacts from other platforms. We currently support CSV files.

To import your contacts, you need to navigate to your contact list, you wish to import to. In the submenu you will find "Import".

Here you choose the file you wish to import, and click next.

You now have the options to choose the fields that exist´s in your import file to the left, and where you want them to be added, in your contact list to the right. You can also choose to skip a field, by clicking the cross at the left side.

You now need to choose how you want to import your contacts, and you have these options:


This option is used, when you already have confirmed consent from your contacts. All contacts which doesnt exist on your list, will be added as subscribed contacts.

You can choose the optional option "Auto update", which automatically updates any contact that is already on your list, with the data in your import file.


This option will re-subscribe all contact´s, which doesnt already exist on your list, or re-subscribe those who exist on your list as unsubscribed. All contacts will recieve a new confirmation e-mail which they need to click, in order to become active on your contact list.

You can select the optional option "Auto update", which will automatically update any contacts that is already on your list, with the data in your import file.

You are now done!

Your import will be started, and you will recieve an e-mail when your file have been imported.

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